About Us

Nchitonet Dot Com is a Human Capital Solutions Provider that specializes in human capital outsourcing, development, training and consultancy. The company was founded in 2016 with a vision to be a trusted and leading HR consulting firm acknowledged for delivering excellence, being reliable, and establishing and maintaining solid partnerships. With service and solution quality of the highest standard, we have strengthened our position in the market over the last five years. More than half of our employees have been trained in different aspects of customer care and service provision. We have more than 500 young, dynamic employees working in 15 departments. With the objective of increasing regionally, we have developed partnerships with local and international organizations to provide HR Outsourcing Services.


The mission of our workforce management solution is to ensure the success and long-term success of companies and talent.


By demonstrating enthusiasm, performance, integrity, and customer value we will become the industry's foremost leader.


A seamless workforce and outstanding service quality is the foundation of what we do. So you can focus on your business goals, we solve your everyday staffing and hiring issues.